Polymer Lithium ion batteries

Polymer Lithium ion batteries are developed based on liquid lithium ion battery,Main applications are:Portable DVDs, laptop computers, mobile phones, blue-tooth devices, MP3/MP4 players, PDA's, R/C planes, power-driven tools & toys, battery-operated bicycles/cars have already adopted GMB's polymer technology.

Polymer Lithium ion batteries

MarkynCurvedTM lithium polymer batteries

MarkynCurvedTM lithium polymer batteries can be made at clients requirement, and it is one of our hit products, Bendable, rechargeable, thin, light, and with long shelf life

MarkynCurvedTM lithium polymer batteries

3.6V Lithium Batteries, i.e. ER14250 Batteries or More...

Quality Primary 3.6V lihtium batteries, including ER14250 battereis, LS14505, ER34615 and their high C-rate type and temperature type.

3.6V Lithium Batteries, i.e. ER14250 Batteries or More...

Thin battery, Both rechargable and Primary

Apart from samllest lipo batteries, you may also looking for ultra thin batteries, primary or rechargeable lithium thin batteries. And batteries that work at extremely high temperature(as high as 85°C) or low temperature(-40°C) for your special equipment? We are here at your service.

Thin battery,  Both rechargable and Primary

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ER14250 3.6V Primany battery

Product Numbers:ER14250 battery

Product description:ER14250 BATTERY 3.6V 1200mAh (1).ER14250 Energy(Bobbin)Type, high capacity, shelf life is ten years; (2). Wide operating temperature range: -55 ℃~+85℃; (3). ER14250 gives Smooth voltage level, 90% capacity could be outputted at high level.


A. ER14250 Battery Characteristics
1. High energy density (620Wh/Kg), which is the highest among all lithium batteries.
2. High open circuit voltage (3.66V for single cell), high operating voltage (varying with load, normally ranging from 3.3V to 3.6V).
3. Wide range of operating temperature(-55°C~+85°C).
4. Stable voltage and current, over 90% of the cell capacity is discharged at high plateau voltage.
5. Long operating time (over 8 years) for continuous low current discharge with medium current pulses.
6. Low self-discharge rate (less than 1% per year) and long storage life (over 10 year under normal room temperature).

B. ER14250 Battery Application

Utility Metering, Automatic Meter Reading, Medical Electronics, Memory Backup, Tracking Systems, Law Enforcement (RFID), Earthquake Detectors, Digital Control Devices, Remote Monitory Systems, Electronic Toll Tags, Scientific Instruments, Portable Communication Equipment, Military Radio Stations, and other electric powered devices requiring small size, high power batteries.

C. ER14250 Specification

Nominal capacity (0.5mA~2V):      1.2AH

Rated voltage:                             3.6V

Max constant current of discharge:  40mA 

Max discharge current (pulse):        80mA

Weight:                                         11g

Operating temperature range:        -55~85



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