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What we do in AFTER-SALES

After Sales Support
All our batteries and chargers, as well as miscellaneous products and custom build solutions, come with after sales service. Our extensive service engineers ensure that we provide a fast response, all of our engineers are experienced and well trained on all of our products.

Tailored Maintenance Contracts
We can provide maintenance contracts for batteries and chargers to suit your individual needs. We provide training on battery maintenance, battery charging systems and battery replacement systems.

Technical support
We provide technical support for all batteries, chargers and projects, whether individual charging equipment projects or complete charging systems and charging chambers.

Check and Test
Checks of individual batteries include: base voltage, specific gravity check, visual inspection and health report - all to keep your battery in good condition.

Full Investigation and Inspection
An experienced VROTTEC service team can perform surveys covering multiple battery (including mixed) fleets, including the above inspections, as well as detailed reports on operating conditions, battery/charger utilization and corrective action recommendations.

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