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communication base station solution

5G Communication Base Station Solutions

With its integrated structure design, intelligent BMS monitoring and standardized cabinet installation, 48V series lithium iron phosphate battery can provide reliable standby power for access network equipment, remote switching office, mobile communication, transmission equipment, emergency power supply and other systems. This scheme has communication function and can realize multiple groups in parallel, providing a flexible and effective solution for the power supply system of communication operators.


Working principle of lithium iron phosphate battery system for communication: the mains power is 220V or other standard voltage input, and the output is 48V after being processed by the rectifier power module. Under the normal condition of power grid, the rectifier power module provides the power required by the system and charges the battery system at the same time; When the power grid is powered off, the battery system provides electric energy to ensure the normal operation of the DC power supply system and realize the uninterrupted power supply function. The power supply has the function of secondary power down. When the battery voltage is too low, the power supply cuts off the battery power supply to protect the battery life.

Communication base station datasheet

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