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Custom Design Battery Solutions

Custom Design Battery Solutions

Safety of electric core raw materials: in the positive and negative electrode material system, compared with the ternary system materials, the reaction heat of lithium iron phosphate is lower, and there will be no oxygen release during the decomposition of its intermediate products, which is more safe and reliable;

High safety electrolyte system: the DOE test selects the electrolyte system of high matching power battery, taking into account the electrochemical performance and safety characteristics:

1. The electrolyte is not flame retardant, the total amount of gas generated at high temperature is low, and the stability of SEI film is high;

2. Electrolyte additive can only control the voltage in each area of the electrode to prevent local overcharge of the electrode;


High temperature resistant diaphragm: imported high mechanical strength base film + self-developed uniform protective coating pl (protective layer) technology can accelerate heat conduction, no deformation at high temperature and reduce the risk of internal short circuit of the cell.

GMB has established a complete set of modern enterprise management system, combined with ISO9001 quality system certification and ISO14000 environmental system certification, and further improved the quality management system and process. From the incoming of raw materials to the production process, to the warehousing and outgoing of products, GMB has set up strict and detailed inspection procedures and standards to check and inspect the implementation of process standards and product quality at all levels, To ensure that the product quality is good and constant, the company has established a large number of QC teams, with the participation of every employee. Whether it is their own process or other processes, workers have the right to propose improvements, and some may be the biggest process change. The company's emphasis on product quality has been fully guaranteed in terms of manpower. High standard professional staffing, a large number of advanced equipment and system construction of layer upon layer guarantee fundamentally ensure that the products fully meet the quality standards.

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