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High Temperature battery Details

Storage Energy Battery Packs of 12V/36V/48V/51.2V/72V

Battery pack safety design-structural protection (seven-proof design)
Strong dust and water tightness
IP67 (dust and water release) design
Avoid circuit board corrosion or affect electrical performance
Can be installed and operated outdoors

Leakage protection, lightning protection, short circuit protection
Overcurrent and overload protection, overvoltage and undervoltage protection
Just charge for peace of mind

Fire retardant
V0 fireproof grade material, flame retardant, high temperature resistance
Greatly prevent fire caused by battery aging or short circuit
Effectively suppress the burning of adjacent invisible
Reduce fire risk and reduce losses

Design against four strings or less
Anti-leakage and oxygen barrier
Highly integrated and easy to maintain
Custom Development
Integrated circuit board for easy maintenance

Solar power station energy storage system
solar panel
energy storage system

Golf Cart Power Supply
48V/72V series

5G tower communication base station backup power supply
48V / 51.2V series


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