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About Steam Sterilizer?

Autoclave is a machine that provides a physical sterilization method by using steam under pressure to kill bacteria, viruses and even spores in the materials in containers. Autoclaves sterilize materials by heating them to a specific temperature for a specific time. Autoclaves, also known as steam sterilizers, are usually used for various purposes in medical care facilities and industries.

Autoclave is considered a more effective sterilization method because it is based on moist heat sterilization.


What is the composition of Steam Sterilizer?

High pressure steam sterilizer is composed of sterilization room, control system, protection device (water level protection, temperature control protection, etc.), heating system, etc.

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About the sterilization room?

The full name of the disinfection room is the disinfection supply room. 

About the vacuum system?

Vacuum can be generated in a closed container by removing all or part of the air in the container.


Which component does the high temperature battery use in Steam Sterilizer?

Temperature Data Loggers / High Temperature Data Loggers Medical / Pharmaceutical Fields and Laboratories /Autoclave Validated Data Loggers

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About temperature Data Loggers?

Digital sensor chips with calibration, linearization and temperature compensation can be interchanged on site, and their precision electronic devices can use standard USB ports to obtain minimal temperature and humidity changes.

About pharmaceutical Fields and Laboratories?

Focus on the field of design and synthesis of potential drugs


Why does STEAM STERILIZER need a disposable high-temperature battery? Do not use rechargeable batteries?

The temperature generated by heating under the steam pressure of the autoclave is 121 ° C. At 121 ° C, the time for autoclaving to reach sterilization is usually considered as 15-20 minutes, depending on the volume of the load. To ensure successful sterilization.

Disposable high temperature battery: small internal resistance, stable discharge, able to meet the requirements of large and small current discharge, with a wide range of applications. It is more suitable for mobile work requirements of medical devices.

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About high temperature batteries?

High-temperature batteries have high performance, high reliability, and can be used in extreme environments such as high temperature (up to +200°C) or low temperature (minimum -55°C), large vibrations, and shocks.

About rechargeable batteries?

Rechargeable batteries have a lower voltage than disposable batteries of the same size, 1.2 volts for AA batteries and 8.4 volts for 9V rechargeable batteries.

List of battery model and size

There are many types and no fixed size.
Is cc battery a solar energy storage system, power system or home appliance.
No.1 Battery
LR20 / AM1
Diameter: ф 34.2 Height: 61.5mm
Wide range of uses, civilian, military, and special DC power supplies can find D-type batteries, standard D (flat head) batteries.
DD Primary Battery
4.9 inches typical length
Primarily used by military and other tactical users, it is built to last. With a wide operating temperature range and a typical length of 4.9 inches, these batteries will fit a wide variety of electronic devices including: flashlights, large communication devices, invisible fencing, RFID tracking, location beacons, and more.
No.8 Battery
Diameter: ф11.0 Height: 30.0mm
—— —— —— ——
No.2 Battery
Diameter: ф 26.2 Height: 50mm
Old-fashioned quartz wall clocks, metal movements, pointer multimeters, small flashlights, small radios, etc. Now out of the market.
No.5 Battery
AA (/LR6/AM3)
Diameter: ф14.5 Height: 50.5mm
Now the battery is the most used daily, and it can be seen in various electrical appliances, toys, and equipment.
AAA (/LR03/AM4)
Diameter: ф10.5 Height: 44.5mm
Now the most used battery in daily life, it can be seen in various low-power scenarios, such as remote controls, electronic watches, thermometers and so on.