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What is High Temperature Battery?

What is High Temperature Battery? https://youtu.be/bVYIS15fBBE High-temperature lithium sulfite battery also belongs to primary battery, and non-rechargeable battery also becomes primary battery. High-temperature lithium sulfite battery has high performance, high reliability, and can be used in extreme environments such as large vibration and impact at temperature (maximum+200 ℃) or low temperature (minimum – 55 ℃). It is mainly used in…

How are our high-temperature batteries produced?

ER Battery Production Brief Workflow Step1: Cathode Mixer Step2: Oven Step3: Cathode Molding System Step4: Automatic Nickel Tab Welding Machine Step5: Dehumidifier System Step6: Automatic Assembling Lines Step7: Anode Assemble Machine Step8: Separator Assemble Machine Step9: Cathode Assemble Machine Step10: Cap Assemble Machine Step11: Internal Shorting Testing Machine Step12: Epoxy Applying Machine Step13: Polishing Machine Step14: Sleeve Installation System Step15:…